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Uncle James Scallop Porridge Paste 220g 詹大叔干贝粥酱料 220g
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Uncle James Scallop Porridge Paste 詹大叔干贝粥酱料
Net Weight : 220g (Serves 3 - 4 persons)

Direction :
- Bring to boil 1.5 liter water in a cooking pot.
- Wash Rice and add them into the boiling water together with the scallop paste, stir to mix well.
- Continue cooking for 25 to 30 minutes at low and medium flame. ( Partially opened cover to avoid spilling)
- Stir occasionally to avoid over burnt.
- Serve hot with spring onion, a pinch of white pepper powder and drips of sesame oil.

煮法 :
1) 用锅煮沸1.5公升的水。
2) 洗净白米,再和干贝酱料一起倒入锅里煮沸,并搅拌均匀。
3) 继续以中小火煮25至30分钟 (锅盖半开,避免溢出)。
4) 偶尔搅拌, 避免烧焦。
5) 加入少许葱,白胡椒粉和芝麻油在干贝粥里,趁热享用。

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