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FYZ Herbs Cordyceps Flower Cordyceps Militaris 50g [Value Pack] 虫草花袋装 50g
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- Premium Grade and ready stocks available. Ready stock !!
- 100% brand new & Good quality.
- 50g Value Pack and Expiry Date is 1 year.
- Cordyceps flowers is not technically a flower, it is a cultured cordycep fruiting body that is a fungus.
- Cordyceps flowers is similar to other Chinese mushrooms, it can be eaten and prepared as other ordinary mushrooms.
- Cordyceps flowers good to boost the immune system.
- Helps cough relief, moisten the throat
- Helps improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure
- Helps prevents premature aging, makes the skin look young
- It usually use as preferred for various kinds of herbal soups.

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